Fifteen years ago, I enrolled in an accent class while studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre at Minnesota State University.

I found that I had a natural talent for phonetics, accents and character voice in general. I continued my study of accents both in and out of the classroom setting.  I purchased multiple accent/dialect and voice books with different learning styles, ideas and techniques and took what I thought was the best information from each of them to create my own personal style for learning a new dialect. I sharpened these skills while living and doing theatre in Europe.

After arriving in Los Angeles, I decided I would like to transition from studying accents and voice to teaching them. I wanted to share my knowledge by coaching others.

Since then, I have taught both in a classroom setting to multiple students and have done many one on one coaching sessions.  The classes I teach are usually in conjunction with Anthony Miendl’s Actor Workshop (AMAW) where I have been studying for the last six years.

I specialize in the most well known and requested dialects such as British RP , Standard American, Southern, Russian, Irish, Australian, German, New York, and many, many others. However, probably my most unique talent is that I can learn and teach any accent in a very short period of time given good source material and a few hours to pick it up.